Arion Ratings

ARION provides a platform for seamless engagement between corporates, philanthropists, DFIs, impact investors, family offices etc. (‘the funding universe’) and NGOs, to facilitate democratisation of funding to the development sector in India. ARION’s services actively enable the funding universe to identify the most deserving and effective NGOs. This leads to improved funding access for grassroots organisations that undertake impactful work but typically lack exposure to the broader funding universe. ARION’s NGO/intervention-specific assessment methodologies allow for the identification of viable grassroots businesses and provide much needed support for funders’ CSR/grant/investment rationale. The tailored offering gives funders additional investment confidence whilst providing a genuine boost to the wider social investment sector in India.


ARION primarily leverages the seminal Indian CSR legislation to embed accountability, transparency and governance measures within the largely unorganised NGO sector. This is achieved through solidifying the correlation between better standards of measurement leading to improved access to funding. ARION’s team combines strong commercial and development backgrounds, a unique combination of skills most often absent in the social space in India. Utilising these skillsets, ARION bridges existing gaps and introduce robustness and convenience into the funding process.


ARION’s mission is to catalyse social change by garnering monetary support for the most eligible NGOs with strong impact potential by working hand-in-hand with the funding universe and the social ecosystem in India.


ARION’s long-term vision is to create a bottom-up, data-driven, and beneficiary analysis based meaningful benchmark for performance standardisation in the Indian NGO sector and facilitate improved impact delivery and assessment at the grassroot level.


Improving funding access for grassroots organisations whilst encouraging the adoption of accountability and governance measures.