Dumfries House

About This Project

Dumfries House was acquired by the Prince of Wales to impart rural skills to the local youth in dry-stone walling, gardening, plumbing, carpentry, cooking etc. IVG proposed up skilling to IT and Dumfries House accepted this. Accordingly, IVG has funded the installation of high-speed broadband data access service to the entire estate; and the creation of a youth center for IT education, with training in IT related skills including website design, programming, apps designing and BPO competencies.

IVG also set up an Inclusive Business Center at Dumfries House in collaboration with the Hunter Foundation, focused on the Rural Shores model for creating business and knowledge process outsourcing jobs to rural youth, as well as on repurposing business models. IVG’s investment in Dumfries House will directly and indirectly render education and training as well as employment of up to 500 youth.

Education & Employment