IVG forms alliance with the Kofi Annan Foundation

The Kofi Annan Foundation shares with IVG a commitment to young people and enhancing their opportunities to engage as full participants in the life of their communities and to fulfil their full potential as community members.

The foundation is currently focusing its youth and youth leadership world engagement in the very field of violent extremism: both as it is perpetrated by and visited upon young people. Our aim is to enable young people to find their response to extremism – whatever its form – in their community.

Inclusive Ventures Group has formed an alliance with the Kofi Annan Foundation to contribute to the development of a program under the foundations unique “Extremely Together” banner. The goal of the initiative is to produce a tool kit to engage young people on the value of countering violent extremism and empower them through highlighting how they have the capacity to generate real, durable change. It will be based on the best practice tackling extremism of all kinds, be inspirational and engaging and be in a digital format that will speak to a young audience.